$350 + high resolution, hand edited digital images

A lifestyle newborn session is all about capturing the baby in a natural, relaxed space. These sessions are meant to document those first days and the loving connection of the family.  Newborn lifestyle sessions are typically done in the client’s home as to allow us to get images in the nursery, with siblings, pets, etc.

Some helpful tips…

The home

The session typically takes place in the nursery, master bedroom and living room. To prepare your home, simply open the blinds or curtains to let in as much light as possible and tidy the areas that will be photographed. Please don't stress over having a perfectly clean home. You just had a baby and trust me, I am not looking at the dirty dishes in the sink! If you plan to do snuggly family photos on the bed, I do ask that you have your bed made with neutral linens. You’ll be happy will this classic look for years to come!

 How long will it last?

Each session is different because each baby is different, but they typically take about 2 hours. It’s important to know that the baby is in charge, so there will be breaks for feeding and diaper changing and the occasional spit up or blowout. It happens, and it’s perfectly ok.

 What should we wear?

Neutrals are best. Keep it simple and comfortable. You can break up the whites with denim or a pop of color or add a little jewelry. Small, simple prints are ok, but avoid clothing with bold designs, prominent logos or large writing. Swaddled babies wrapped only in their diapers or dressed in properly fitted, simple onesies look best.

Do you pose newborns in cute props?

Not really. I will take individual photos of the baby and will usually bring a basket or two with me for some of these shots. But we won’t be posing the baby unnaturally like a frog. I will capture detail shots— fingers, toes, ears, hair—they are some of my favorites! And I love the idea of using special heirlooms in photos like a handmade blanket, monogrammed onesies, small toys, etc.