One of the things that I hear most from clients is how happy they are that I captured the little details that they would've never thought about getting a picture of. That is part of the art of photography and is certainly one of my favorite parts. I love looking through my lens to capture a unique angle or expression or some small object that will document the setting of the shoot. It's these small details that can really add emotion and a sense of place to portraits. This is especially true when documenting a wedding day. Chasity (the other half of P.S. Weddings) and I know that it's the extra time, care and creativity that makes wedding photography so special. From the wedding welcome packet you receive at our first meeting to the delivery of your wedding gift package and images, you'll never doubt the amount of love and care that goes into our passion for photography. We know how much value there is in even the smallest of details.

Jacie Schofield